Welcome to Kelowna Wedding Photography

Kelowna Weddings is a Kelowna, BC wedding photography studio serving Kelowna and Okanagan Valley. We’re a close-knit group of award winning wedding photographers with years of experience in the wedding industry. Considered as one of the best wedding photographers in British Columbia, our wedding photographers are available nationally and internationally. 


We think of ourselves as storytellers. We feel that wedding photography should be about reciting stories, whether the wedding is small, big, or somewhere in-between. Through our pictures, we tell the story of something greater than your wedding day. We want to showcase your celebration of your love to your family and friends, telling through pictures how awesome it is that you two are making lifetime vows. Our wedding photography style is about mixing fine-art photography and photojournalism. 


On your wedding day, we function as both an artist and a reporter whose objective is to depict all intimate moments as they evolve without being forced. Amazing wedding photography for us is when the unobtrusiveness of photography mixes with the task of creating art.

We want to tell you why we think we have the most fulfilling and magical job on earth. Simply put, we’re in love with love. We are mesmerized by graceful brides, natural settings, soft lighting, and the lively personalities of the bride and groom. We are the artists who encapsulate the heartbeat of your wedding day and convert it into wonderful wedding photographs.


We’re passionate photographers who had the good sense to turn our passion into a career. We enjoy telling jokes and don’t take life too seriously. You will find us down to earth and pleasant to deal with. Hearing your stories and image about your special day is crucial to us and there’s never such a thing as too many details.


A huge part of being a wedding photographer is being visually stimulated by everything. Our visual style has been refined over the years and it’s all about elegance and softness. One of the facts that we’re proud of is sharing a similar visual style among the members of the Kelowna Weddings family. We adore all-natural things, like your face radiating happiness or your feet hurting from all the dancing. These things are yours and it’s our job to be visual timekeepers of your wedding day.


We honor and appreciate the trust you put into our hands. Laughter, tears, and pure emotions, we really believe, the best pictures are created the same way as falling in love, which is natural. Here’s the reason why we refer to photos as “visual timestamps”. We cherish legacy and heritage, which is what is passed on through time and generations. 


Each Kelowna wedding photographer works with a diligent full-time team devoted to client services and available to manage your every need. We take pride in flawless service and attention to detail, making your wedding day an anxiety-free success by doing everything we can to pair you up with our wonderful photographer and create impeccable wedding photos.

We are a full-service Kelowna, BC wedding photography studio. We pride ourselves on a commitment to creating high caliber work while keeping our clients relaxed and calm. Our all-star wedding photographers are supported by internal teams of client service representatives, photo editors, project managers and designers who take care of everything from album printing to day-to-day business activities to album printing. 

It took us some time to build our wedding photography team. Each individual member of our team offers something incredible. We work hard to consistently enhance our work. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like. It’s our pleasure to tell you more about us in person or at our Kelowna photography studio. Everyone who works at Kelowna Weddings is doing what they are enthusiastic about and talented at. Our philosophy is that nothing is worth doing unless you care deeply about it. Your wedding day is your day with your personality. Our job is to capture all of it.


The magic begins the second you contact us and is only heightened on your wedding day when our hands touch our camera. Our team is with you every step of the way. We thrive on creating beautiful wedding photos and a special connection with you. The coolest part is that we really mean it when we say we see beauty in everything.


We see every photo as a visual time stamp that will last for eternity. Every second of your wedding day is important to us. Legacy is everything and our wedding photographers make it with soft images. We aren’t selfish and we want you to understand what we mean by that. Your important day is not about us leading you and presenting props and a setting.  It’s all about you and your significant other. We’ll do all it takes to make the experience memorable and pleasant from beginning to end. 


It’s all about making an atmosphere of respect and trust. These are two things vital to our work and it eventually results in beautiful visual timestamps from your happy day and a feeling of a project well done. You aren’t just a number to us. After all the years in the wedding photography industry, we still treat every client like our first and it feels marvelous every single time. We feel happy people are the beautiful ones.  A smile can uplift the earth so go ahead and smile with us.

With us, you and your family come first. We use our ingenuity to create images as unique as you are. Your images will make you cry, laugh, feel beautiful, and quickly bring back the memory of every blissful moment of your wedding day every time you look at them. Your wedding day is the start of a new story.


It’s the start of a lifelong journey and your big adventure together as a couple. Hand and hand, through all of life’s ups and downs, you’re forever together.


Kelowna Weddings encapsulate your true story, every special and intimate moment with emotion and energy.